Virtual assistants can work with you as a long term partner, for a short term project, or it can be an answer to any staffing solution. These professionals are highly skilled and motivated individuals and availing their services gives you an opportunity to use such amazing talent for your business. A virtual assistant is a lifeline for your business reviving your growth potential.

What qualities of virtual administrative assistants can benefit you?

  • Excellence - These qualified professionals always strive for excellence. They are experienced and knowledgeable in their respective fields. You can outsource your bookkeeping, web design, scheduling, maintaining calendars, payroll management and other sorts of administrative tasks to a virtual employee.
  • Productivity - High productivity is ensured with such employees. Your traditional employees may waste their time talking on the phone, socializing with other employees, taking multiple breaks, or surfing the internet. While a virtual professional work solely and delicately for you to meet your goals and specific needs.
  • Business growth - Understanding your needs and requirements, an administrative assistant always strives to design a successful business portfolio. These individuals have vested interest in generating profits and productivity for the company as well as for themselves.
  • Reduce overhead cost - Your company does not have to invest in setting any office, getting software and computers, telephone lines, internet, business machines etc. Additionally, vacation pays, paid holidays, sick leaves etc. are not made for virtual professionals.

Sample Admin & Personal Assistant Job Scope for Property Agent

  1. Admin work for resale listings
  2. Admin work for new launch project
  3. Customer relation
  4. To search matching listings & to arrange viewing appointment for buyers/ tenants
  5. To liaising with external parties, SPH, bankers, HDB officer, law firm staff, etc
  6. To follow up, update & feedback on clients’ comments on product or service
  7. To provide admin support to downline agents
  8. To do telemarketing to prospective clients to generate leads
  9. To assist in other administrative works such as updating master list, clearing email, submitting list/transaction, recording and filing

Operating Procedures

  1. Meet our project manager so that she can understand your needs. After that, the project manager will hire the PA and make sure that the job is done properly. The purpose of project manager is that she can manage the staff and it’s like you also hire a manager.
  2. Once a client confirmed, we will send invoice. Client will make payment by quick cheque or fund transfer to our company bank account.
  3.  We will start the campaign in 5-7 business days once payment has been confirmed. We will use those days to train and role play with the staff so he/she gets familiar with the script and objection handling.
  4. Once campaign starts, we provide statistics to clients on a daily basis at the end of the shift. We will also provide the details of appointment made.

Quality Control

All calls made are fully recorded to ensure good quality control. However, we will only send recordings of the successful appointments and some sample calls to clients. Clients are allowed to randomly select any numbers in their calling list provided or purchased from us and request to listen to the voice recording for their own quality control purposes.