In today’s economy, leading insurers increasingly outsource business processes to Eagle Outsourcing to help them to streamline and simplify their operations—not just to take out cost, but to improve agility and free up budget and resources in ways that help their organization generate new business.

By using shared platforms in multiple insurance processing centers, Eagle Outsourcing has been remarkably successful in implementing industry-proven practices and solutions, while simultaneously delivering economies of scale. Our acquisition of NaviSys has made it possible to offer clients in North America a full range of life-policy-processing solutions.

Eagle Outsourcing Insurance Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services can help insurers:

Reduce operating costs.

Increase cost transparency and—as a result of variable pricing—predictability.

Improve cash flow and thus limit some capital investment requirements.

Enhance processing speed, accuracy and consistency.

Improve service to customers and intermediaries.

Simplify operating infrastructure, thus increasing the potential to enhance agility, accelerate speed to market, and support the expansion of distribution channels and/or the addition of new ones.

Add flexibility to cope with changes in transaction volumes, either as a result of expansion or decline of business, or of mergers and acquisitions.

Build a more productive, better motivated workforce that spends maximum time performing tasks that add real value.

Insurance Policy

Eagle Outsourcing provides the following proven service offerings, as well as customized solutions to suit your business needs:

  • Life and Annuity Policy Services
  • Property and Casualty Policy Services
  • Property and Casualty Claims Services
  • Pension Services
  • Collections and Disbursements Services