1. Reduce operating costs.
  2. Increase cost transparency and—as a result of variable pricing—predictability.
  3. Improve cash flow and thus limit some capital investment requirements.
  4. Enhance processing speed, accuracy and consistency.
  5. Improve service to customers and intermediaries.
  6. Simplify operating infrastructure, thus increasing the potential to enhance agility, accelerate speed to market, and support the expansion of distribution channels and/or the addition of new ones.
  7. Add flexibility to cope with changes in transaction volumes, either as a result of expansion or decline of business, or of mergers and acquisitions.
  8. Build a more productive, better motivated workforce that spends maximum time performing tasks that add real value.

Sample Telemarketing Job Scope for Insurance Agent

  1. Take notes of client’s target criteria
  2. Fix appointment based on client’s availability
  3. Submit daily report to the manager

Supplied Materials The following materials are to be supplied by client.

  • Telemarketing Script (We have general script for our client to consider.)
  • Lead qualifications

Operating Procedures

  1. Once a client confirmed, we will send invoice. Client will make payment by quick cheque or fund transfer to our company bank account.
  2. We will start the telemarketing campaign in 5-7 business days once payment has been confirmed. We will use those days to train and role play with the staff so he/she gets familiar with the script and objection handling.
  3. Once campaign starts, we provide statistics to clients on a daily basis at the end of the shift. We will also provide the details of appointment made as follows:
  • 2 Aug 2018 Thursday
  • NAME: Mr Loh (Singaporean)
  • AGE: 26
  • LOCATION: Sembawang MRT
  • DATE: 11th August 2018 (SATURDAY)
  • TIME: 2pm
  • REMARKS: Monthly income, Marital Status

Quality Control

All calls made are fully recorded to ensure good quality control. However, we will only send recordings of the successful appointments and some sample calls to clients on a weekly basis as files are big and not possible to upload all calls. Clients are allowed to randomly select any numbers in their calling list provided or purchased from us and request to listen to the voice recording for their own quality control purposes.