On 15 October 2012, The Personal Data Protection Act sets out the law on data protection in Singapore. Apart from establishing a general data protection regime, the Act also regulates telemarketing practices. Came into force on 2nd January 2013, Singapore Government statutory body Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) was established.

The PDPA applies to the private sector in Singapore but does not apply in public sectors.

What is Personal Data?

Any data which can identify an individual whether or not it’s an electronic form.

What are the exceptions?

  • Business contact information relating to an individual’s name, position, business address, number, email or similar information.
  • Individuals who have been dead for over ten years (subject to some exceptions).
  • Individual who has been on record for over 100 years.

Eagle Outsourcing Commitment

  1. Ensure all employees are aware of the PDPA requirements and properly trained
  2. Includes consent clauses in all Eagle Outsourcing forms use to collect personal data
  3. Process data only for which consent was obtained
  4. Ensure the personal data collected is accurate and complete
  5. Ensure a clear opt-out or unsubscribe option whenever an individual wish to withdraw consent
  6. Only keep data as long as there is a business or legal purposes
  7. Provide information to client or individual what personal data Eagle Outsourcing has collected and how it has been used and disclosed in the past year
  8. Ensure protection of personal data when there is a need to transfer oversea
  9. Take necessary steps in securing and protecting collected personal data

All confidential information provided by our Client shall be and remain the property of the Client and nothing shall be construed as granting or conferring any rights to such confidential information on any parties.

Eagle Outsourcing Pte Ltd shall honour any requests from Client to promptly return or destroy all confidential information disclosed and notes related to such confidential information.

Contact DPO: hello@eagleoutsourcing.com