Robot Telemarketer

Robot Telemarketer. Robot will make phone calls and play a pre-recorded message to reach out to your targeted client base.

Human Telemarketer VS Robot Telemarketer

Prerecorded message will blast out to consumers and if they are interested or missed the call (prerecorded message) they will call back your number while a live telemarketer can fix appointment on the spot and can overcome objections.

Supplied Materials

The following materials are to be supplied by client.

  • Plan your message. This is where a prerecorded script will come in handy. Practice your script and remember to sound friendly and awake but not overly enthusiastic. The length of the voicemail should be 10 seconds or less, if it ends up being much longer than a minute you’ll likely start to lose their interest unless you’ve got something creative pulling them in.
  • Record your message. Once you are comfortable with how you are going to say your message, record your message.
  • Use your prerecorded message. Now we are able to utilize robocall to blast a marketing message.